the search for edward snowden is beside the point.

There has been much coverage in the media of the search for Edward Snowden, far more than there has been on the information he leaked about the US government and its spying tendencies which are thinly disguised as national security. I would hope that the exposure of such potentially unacceptable government practices would be bigger news than where a guy could hide in a Russian airport but that does not seem the case. The general populace and/or media seem far more interested in the drama and ridiculously inane details of the story than the very point and origin of the whole fiasco, and this illustrates a huge fault with our society: we are almost wholly focused on entertainment and distraction rather than very real issues and problems that are right in front of us, screaming for our immediate attention.

Keep your brain on and stay focused on what is important with stories like that of Snowden. Do not get caught up in the all-too-convenient sideshow.


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