twisted christians

i have met and am good friends with a number of practicing christians. for the most part, i find myself agreeing with a lot of the christian code of ethics. i think people that live by that code because they truly believe in it are good people.

unfortunately, there are a lot of really fucked up, neurotic christians who give the good ones a bad name. a lot of the bad christians i have met are so insecure, without bearing, unscrupulous, and/or fearful, and i can’t fucking stand them. that sucks because i’d like to say to them, “hey, i believe you really are trying to be a good person by living as a christian but i think you’re essentially putting lipstick on a pig. i think you are using your faith to try to fix or cover up your neuroses, and that won’t work. to fix those personal problems, you need to dig really deep into yourself, find the things that you know are awful but are afraid to confront, and meet those things head on with a real conviction to make a change for the better. you need to admit to yourself that you are a stunted, twisted individual, and that you need to rebuild yourself from the ground up because your current foundation is a jelly. that might mean years of therapy and soul searching but that’s better than living as the frightened, lost creature that you currently are.”

of course, that diatribe wouldn’t go down well with anyone. if someone said that to me, i would be so offended that i really wouldn’t take any of what they said seriously. i would just think, “you’re an angry prick with an axe to grind. i’ll just be on my merry way.” so is there a way that i can say such a thing to someone that is honest yet not unkind?

i know the answer to that question is yes, but the next problem is that to say such a thing in an honest yet not unkind way would mean saying it in a really long-winded and boring way, then engaging in some really long-winded and boring conversation with the subject of my statement. i’m not interested in that. i want to illustrate to these people how twisted i think they are but i don’t want to go on their personal journey with them. i have my own journey to deal with.

so i say nothing, and merely hope they come around on their own.


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