not bad, really

i just read all of my previous posts and with the exception of the “metal i like” post, i actually really like my blog. i’m ok.

*edit* i just read the ‘metal i like’ post and it’s not bad either. probably not interesting to any non-super elite metalheads but i sincerely doubt many people give a shit about anything i write anyway. i am but a drop in an ocean.

on another note, i just realized today marks one year since i started this blog! super strange that i got so pumped on revisiting it yesterday. i wonder if it has something to do with the weird human ability to wake up just moments before your alarm clock goes off, like my subconscious was aware of this first blog birthday even if my waking brain had no idea. who knows?

god and/or everyone who have died before us, that’s who. those are my guesses anyway.


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