almost bought another tercel yesterday, and right after helping dylan with his. crazy synchronicity. this one was an ’84 DLX with the 3.73:1 gear ratio that i like, manual steering, and no sunroof. it was in victoria but some other asshole got to it first. here are the pics from the ad

i’m bummed because I JUST FUCKING LOVE THESE CARS AND THIS ONE LOOKED SO GOOD–but i’m trying to soothe my disappointment by focusing on other things, like how the antenna appears damaged or modified (it should stick straight up) and the paint on the driver side rear door and rear quarter panel does not match, indicating those areas were damaged at some point. these are small details but may point to other larger issues. plus it’s a lowly DLX with the shitty seats and no tachometer.

and of course, i have no reason to go buying another car when the corolla is so fucking good to me. i really doubt any tercel is going to be able to match the mileage i get in the corolla, or be as reliable.

but that extra low gear…

the inclinometer (i have a spare one at home, waiting to be installed)…

that billy goat feel…

i wish i could stop caring so much about a chunk of metal.


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