fuck sunlight/summer fun

went to the fish ladders on the koksilah river today with a good group. me, jenn, calli, mark, dana, rachel, amanda, matt, greg, rid, spencer, and julia. i think this was probably the earliest in the summer we’ve ever gone and it was still fantastic. the pool wasn’t in full sun until about 2 but it was dynamite after that. i brought my thrift store swim goggles and checked fish mania out. standing under the little waterfall and looking out while underwater was really cool, and the rock formations that lead away from the waterfall to the deepest part of the pool are really pretty too. the water was cold but it was hot as all hell in the sun so it was perfect. the fish ladders are one of my fave places on the whole planet. i’ve said a few times lately that it’s the kind of place you would read about in lonely planet while on vacation, hike out to and think “HOLY FUCK THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I’VE EVER SEEN” and take a million pictures, but because we live here and have gone there a bunch of times we can end up taking it for granted. i love it though and actually do believe it’s one of the most beautiful places in the whole world i’ve ever seen. i could sit there for hours just looking around and dipping my ass in the water, going under the waterfall, jumping off the tall rock occasionally. so glad we’ve started hitting it a few times each summer in the last few years, it deserves it.

got home and brought in the laundry from the line, one of my favourite tasks. for the most part, i hate summer sun. it’s so fucking unforgiving, just scorching to be in for more than a few seconds. however, i love morning and evening summer sun, when the temperature has dropped and the sun gives off the perfect amount of warmth. that’s just a jim dandy time. so bringing in the laundry tonight in the cool air and warm sun was wonderful. it felt like an old memory, like i was living a moment i’ve seen in a faded photograph from my dad’s old photo albums or something like that.

jenn’s going to burn in the forest for the weekend. i’m working all day shifts for the ambulance for like 5 days straight while she’s away, and going to see the cult on friday with kristina at fucking ‘rock the shores’. never thought i’d support such a horribly lame loser rock fest but the cult are playing and i’ve been nuts about them since i heard ‘electric’ back in 2005 or so. they totally believe in rock n’ roll, 100%. you can hear it in their quintessential rock riffs and ian astbury’s “oh yeah yeah yeeeaaahhh OW whoah yeah now come on” interjections. they’re serious about that kind of stuff, and i love that. no irony to them at all. that’s ballsy and awesome. going to watch them and then turn around and hightail it out of that shit hole. really pumped for it.



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