how does it feel?

after just bitching so much about what is not sexy, i wanted to mention a few things that i DO find sexy.

  • genuine smiles
  • genuine love of sex
  • nice eyes
  • confidence
  • womanly curves
  • flesh

when it comes down to it, any real person has the potential to turn me on. for example, i typically love curves on a girl but that being said, there are some olive oyle’s i find really attractive too — literally! like shelley duvall.



i bitch lots but there’s lots of stuff i do like. it’s just not as fun to write about that stuff. despite my obsessions with death, depression, chaos, satan, destruction, and the like, i’m actually a pretty chipper individual. i imagine it’s actually because of those obsessions that i’m as happy as i am but i couldn’t begin to say why. at least, not today anyway.

god, i love having a blog. completely, shamelessly self-centered.


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