lunar cult

wowee. last night i saw the cult at the infamous ‘rock the shores’ event in colwood, and they were fucking awesome. there is really something to be said for good old fashioned work ethic, care for creating a polished finished product, and professionalism. the combination of these things can make a band so impressively powerful like the cult were last night. most notably, ian astbury was simply electrifying. his vocals were perfect, no sign of weakness or aging. he was intense and obviously enjoying himself. his between song banter was hilarious. he had this running joke where he kept throwing tambourines into one area of the crowd that fucking cracked me up, although i wish to god i could have caught one. ian astbury’s tambourine is something that would have remained enshrined on my mantle for the rest of my life. oh yeah, his use of percussion was incredible. so subtle and tasteful but it added so much to the songs. as the final strains of one song (i can’t remember which) died out, he shook the tambourine in such a way that it sounded like a rattlesnake’s tail, which was absolutely perfect considering the cult’s focus on american desert mythology. FUCK i loved it. and the bass player was super talented. i don’t know who he is so i will look him up later. he was a phenomenal player and reminded me of cliff burton with his bass shredding and ballsy tone. (edit: just looked him up, his name is chris wyse.) this was one of the best live shows i’ve ever seen, up there with the police, behemoth, dismember, and old hot hot heat with matt marnik.

my estimation of rock the shores was bang on. the place was chock full of gross, drunk, sunburned, horny white trash. colwood really showed its true colours, yuck.

this morning when i woke up at 430 for work, i looked outside and the moon was so low and bright and round that it looked like a spotlight. i’ve seen it a few times where it looked so big that it was surreal, like it was about to crash into the earth. one time back in 2000 or so, bill and i were coming back from the casino in nanaimo at night and the moon was like it was this morning but it was also kind of reddish-orange. it was just above the horizon in front of us on the highway, huge and low and orange. we both wondered what the fuck was going on because we’d never seen it like that. i don’t think i’ve ever seen it that big since but this morning was still pretty neat.


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