the epoch of sunday drives ended long ago

i know an older guy that is a fat lazy slug, and his biggest hobby is going for drives. not to any destination, and not with any intent to get out of the car and do anything along the way, just to drive around and then come home.

i can’t think of anything stupider.

“what a fucking waste of time and resources, harry.”

first off, gas is expensive. second, driving around without seeing or doing anything is boring. third, it’s lazy as all hell.

road trips are awesome when you are stopping along the way, seeing and doing all kinds of cool things like hiking, checking out ghost towns, swimming, befriending squirrels, seeing friends, etc. but in those cases, the drive itself is not the fun part. it’s just a means of getting to those fun things. remove the fun stuff and you’re left with a big old boring ass drive. whoopee. i don’t want to look at a mountain from the car, i want to get out, climb it, actually experience it, and make some cool future memories like “remember the abandoned shack full of rats we found on the hike up mt. ding dong?”

maybe back in the 50’s when gas was only pennies and people thought it would last forever and pollution wasn’t such an issue, driving around aimlessly seemed less wasteful or harmful. maybe cars were thrilling to drive back then because they were a new thing for a lot of working class families and the people that grew up with that haven’t shaken the habit. i don’t know, i wasn’t there. but it doesn’t matter. now we know it’s goddamned stupid thing to do so i hope people like the old prick i know knock it off soon.


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