deathbed, david lynch, drugs

the post i made yesterday on ghost in the machine feels really good to me. i’m glad i did it. i believe in reverence for great experiences and memories, and yesterday’s post is a small but sincere gesture to an experience i really cherish. i think lots about when i’m old or on my deathbed and how grateful i will be for all the incredible memories i will have to reminisce on. i’ve already had such a good time and accumulated so many gems, and there’s (potentially) so many more to be had. unless i die suddenly in the near future, but i couldn’t complain even if that did happen.

i saw an interview with david lynch the other day. for the most part, it’s pretty crappy. i love virtually everything lynch has touched but he is a terrible interview. his answers are usually long, meandering, and vague, and he appears bored or irritated. it’s not very interesting or much fun. so i skipped through most of the interview looking for something cool and happened across one neat part. the interviewer (moby, the electronic artist) asks lynch if he’s familiar with the drug DMT and what his thoughts are on it. lynch says

“they say that all these experiences we can have, they just need to be unfolded. when you get more and more consciousness—you’re little by little making the subconscious conscious—all these things, these experiences that drugs provide, will come, and this…bliss and energy, and this feeling of being so happy in your body, so happy in the work, it’s all there within each one of us. the drugs give you a picture of an experience but you don’t own that, and your body pays a kind of a price…”

i think he said it terribly but i really like the gist of it. basically, he’s saying that all the amazing feelings drugs can provide are internal and available to us, and will reveal themselves to us in time if we seek them. he goes on to say that drugs allow you to get a taste of those feelings but they are synthesized, and we pay in hangovers and whatnot for those tastes. i think that is a bang-on summary of drug experiences.

i will clarify that i am not passing judgement on anyone who chooses to use drugs. i firmly believe that everyone should have the right to do whatever they like to their own body—your body, your choice, make yourself happy. i’m simply saying that there are rare times that i experience deep, profound moments where i feel like i’m in perfect harmony with some incomprehensibly larger picture, and i like happening upon those times without the use of drugs. it makes me feel like i have done something right to really earn that moment, and i love that.


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