buying/selling used stuff is the shits

i put lucy’s old dog house on for free a few weeks ago.

lucy’s old dog house does not look like this

the ad says it’s big and heavy so bring some people to move it. 10 minutes ago, a tiny woman showed up alone, looked at it, hummed and hawed for a minute, and then said she would think about it.

she’s going to think about taking my free dog house.

maybe, if i’m lucky.

fuck you, lady. i’m going to burn the goddamned thing just to spite you. i’m so sick of dealing with people on craigslist and usedvic. i post something, say “the price is firm,” and all i get are emails saying “would you take half of what you’re asking?” or “i have a really nice pontiac sunfire i could trade you, just needs a clutch and a bit of brake and body and front end work.” or people say they will come by and then never show, or they come and kick tires and make insulting offers in person. i actually like that last situation more though because i have no problem saying “sorry, i’ll hang on to it” so that they have to drive empty-handed all the way back to sooke or wherever these scum crawl out of. one lady offered to trade jenn CATS for her $2300 horse trailer a month ago, no joke.

why does it seem like every idiot is trying to trade me a beat up sunfire for my stuff?

bill hates this stuff too. he told me a while ago that he was selling something but had a bunch of no shows and was mad as all hell about it. the next guy said he’d be at bill’s apartment at 2:00 but by 2:10, bill hadn’t heard from the guy and was fuming. at 2:15 the guy rang bill’s buzzer but bill was so pissed he just didn’t answer. the guy called bill’s cell and left a message but bill ignored it. i love that. it’s turning the tables on those assholes, giving them some of their own grief. i’m know it’s not the gracious or kind thing to do but shit, sometimes you just get so fucking pissed at people being unreliable, entitled, and/or low-balling bastards and it feels good to give a little something back to them.

if i actually do burn the dog house, i’ll take a pic of it and post it here. then i’ll email the link to the lady that just came by.


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