this morning i fixed a pair of my work pants and a pair of shorts. the crotches were blown in both of them, which speaks volumes about my superhuman endowment. the sewing machine i use is some sort of ‘my first sewing machine’ that was clearly marketed towards young girls. it has stickers of flowers and pink paisley designs all over it but i don’t give a shit about that. it was only $15 at salvation army and just needed a new needle, which calli had a spare of, so i replaced it. i’ve been using the machine for several years now, taking in shirts and hemming pants. i love it. not because i love sewing particularly but because i love being able to do this stuff myself. it’s so nice to not have to pay to take it somewhere or ask friends for favours all the time. it’s a skill i only use a few times a year but when i do, i feel really good about it.

i owe calli thanks for teaching me to do this shit, years ago in her and riley’s living room. thanks calli!


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