i (lucid) dream of aerobie (and death)

i just woke up from a dream that me and two pals were survivors in some mad max-ish future but rather than bleak desert, we were in some beautiful landscape of green hills and mountains. i climbed a several thousand-foot tall, old metal structure, some kind of industrial skeleton, that stood on one of the hills. one of my pals threw me a busted old hula hoop from way down below on the hill but hoop flew like an aerobie, just effortlessly.

an aerobie is one of these things. they’re amazing.

the astonishing flying ring!

i didn’t quite catch the hoop and had to move around the structure to get it. all my scrambling around set something off and the whole thing started to slowly go down. all of a sudden there was water everywhere and it was like i was surfing the giant metal behemoth down a tsunami wave. it was initially terrifying but it quickly became awesome and very similar to a flying dream. i knew the wave would run out and i would bail and die but it didn’t matter because it was so much fun and such a great way to go. it ended with me seeing myself diving off the structure into the drink, and then i woke up.

it was fucking cool.

i think a lot about what dreams mean, and believe that they are an interesting link between our conscious and subconscious minds. the aerobie part of that dream is obvious because i’ve been playing a lot of aerobie with pals in the last few weeks so it’s just clearly near the forefront, but i have no idea what the rest was getting at, if anything.

i think the best part about dreams is how real they feel. it’s like you’re actually doing all the crazy stuff that’s going on. sometimes i can lucid dream and control where they go, which is really neat. usually i turn it into a flying dream, but sometimes when my sleeping mind remembers i go for bigger cooler things, like trying to see what it would look/feel/be like to be omniscient and see all things all at once, or being a god and creating and destroying worlds. once not too long ago, i lucid dreamed i had a near death experience and was making my way towards the brilliant light you hear so many people talk about “at the end of the tunnel.” i wept either in the dream or in real life while i was still dreaming, i’m not sure which because the line between the two was so blurred, but it was an incredible feeling. i can only describe it as a glowing warmth and contentment, like standing in the sun on a summer evening. that doesn’t even begin to do what i felt justice but it’s the best i can come up with.


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