dog house day afternoon

i want to dedicate this post to every dickhead on craiglist that has ever thrown out a ridiculous offer, kicked tires, no showed, been a weirdo, or annoyed me or any other normal seller who has simply wanted to sell some shit online.

it’s been months since i posted a free, giant dog house on craigslist. the only interest i got was one small woman who showed up alone when the ad said it was huge and would require several people to move it and then didn’t think it was nice enough to take anyway, and a bunch of people who emailed to ask if i still had it but never followed up when i responded to them.

so fuck it. i finally got sick of looking at the stupid thing and dealing with the usual craigslist bullshit. the thing was too big and heavy to throw on the burn pile as it was so i took a maul to it today.


phase 1: last chance


phase 2: time’s up


phase 3: burn pile

and finally


phase 4: nobody can have it

fuck you, dickheads.


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