canadian prime minister stephen harper is satan.

if i were a christian, i would believe that stephen harper truly is the devil.

i think a lot of politicians are degenerate scumfucks but he is among the elite. i read yesterday that he just ratified a trade deal between canada and china that makes canada liable for any loss of potential profit to chinese companies operating here. basically, that means if a chinese company working in the tar sands wants to dump a bunch of shit somewhere and kill a bunch of people while doing so and canadians say “hold on, we’re not ok with that,” that company can say “ok, we won’t do it but now canada has to pay us what we would have made with that move.” guess where that money will come from. surprise, canadian tax dollars.

if that’s not completely fucking insane, i don’t know what is.

harper has been signing off on incredible bullshit like that since he and the conservatives were voted in. it’s like his motus operandi has been “go for broke,” like he doesn’t care if he or the conservatives are ever in power again, just as long as he is able to leave his mark by way of total destruction of everything that is not oil, especially if it potentially stands in the way of oil.

i can’t help but wonder exactly why he is taking that approach though. i don’t think he particularly wants to live on in infamy. i think that must simply be a by-product of his true goal. perhaps his true goal is just opening as many doors for oil extraction as possible. maybe he really believes that is for the best. after all, he has many ties to various oil companies so perhaps he really believes in the delusional, fucked up rhetoric of big oil.

i don’t think he’s a stupid man though, and i think he would have to be stupid to believe all the ridiculous lies that big oil constantly pukes forth. and that only leaves one possible explanation:

stephen harper really is the devil.

to hell with the devil

the only thing worse than having the devil as your country’s prime minister is the fact that your countrymen voted him in to power in the first place. it’s an incredible shame that such a beautiful country is so full of people who share his ridiculously short-sighted values. it makes me feel like a stranger in a strange land, in my home country.

dana once said something about moving to europe to avoid being surrounded by the kind of twits that voted the conservatives into power. i think he was on to something. i keep thinking about how north america looks at africa and feels superior. i keep thinking how europe looks at canada and the US and thinks the same thing.


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