fuck facebook

real life only, please

i quit facebook a few years ago now because i was a full-on fb junkie. i was on there constantly. i finally decided i was simply wasting way too much time on things that just don’t fucking matter. i have been much happier and more productive since i quit but i just had a horrible reminder of what my life used to be like.

a friend of ours is having some car problems. she posted about them on fb. jenn asked me some questions this morning so she could offer some advice. great. but then as i was writing my last blog entry, i had to go on jenn’s fb to find a picture of our chickens. while i was there, i saw people commenting on our friend’s car problem situation and i felt the need to weigh in.

i wound up spending 20 mins, maybe half an hour, putting way too much thought and energy into what i was typing, only to have some guy argue a point that he was wrong on (despite his assertion, coolant will indeed create steam if it leaks onto a hot surface like an exhaust manifold, FUCK). i had to pause what i was writing to respond to that guys comment, then get back to what i was going to say before, and i was getting so worked up and involved in this fucking situation that actually has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. STEPH WILL GET HER CAR FIXED OR BUY ANOTHER. WHAT THE FUCK DO I CARE IF SHE TAKES MY ADVICE? IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE IT WILL ALL WORK OUT FINE IN THE END ANYWAY REGARDLESS OF WHETHER I WASTE 30 MINUTES AND SAY ANYTHING OR NOT. i finished what i was typing and closed jenn’s fb, feeling like a fucking turd.

what a perfect reminder of what an absolute waste of time so much of facebook is. there are certainly elements i miss and used to enjoy, like the abilities to keep in touch with some folks easier and see their pics, but i think those positive aspects are outweighed by the massive amounts of time spent doing fucking nothing, and the fact that facebook is selling your info to anyone and everyone. we are tracked enough as it is, i figure there’s no point in giving any more away.

i think we’d all be better off if fb just up and disappeared off the face of the planet. until that day comes, i’ll just keep pretending that’s already happened and stay busy doing real stuff in the real world.


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