learn to spot a phony asshole

a friend sent me some links the other day of a new (to me) spoken word/hip hop artist from the UK, scroobius pip. i checked out this vid first, ‘the struggle.’

within the first 30 seconds, i had a terrible feeling that i hated it. why? because of the phony smirk on pip’s face. i thought, this guy looks like an incredibly phony motherfucker. why is he doing that quasi-elvis sneer? but i know i can judge harshly and quickly, so i gave old scroobius the benefit of the doubt. i checked out another video by him entitled ‘stutter.’ here it is.

this time, within 8 seconds i knew my initial reaction to ‘the struggle’ had been right on the money: pip is not being genuine. he is in character. at the start of the second video, he says hello and then looks away nervously as if he didn’t realize he was going to take a selfie vid. he pauses while looking away and suddenly continues awkwardly, “right…”

as if making this video has taken him by surprise, as if he’s not sure what to say, as if he couldn’t stop and start over after his false start.

get real. it’s complete bullshit.

that is not the behaviour of someone who is legitimately confused, nervous, or awkward. it’s the behaviour of a psychopath who is putting on fronts for the sake of a cultivated image. blaaarrrrrgggghhhhh.

i might come off as reading into shit too much or judging a book by its cover but i’ve learned to trust my instincts and recognize small details as being good indicators of larger ones so i stand by my 38-second analysis of scroobius pip: he is a straight-up phony asshole. that’s all i have to say about him.


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