why UFC isn’t just for douchebags

i absolutely agree with the common sentiment that most UFC fans are fucking loser douchebags. they’re basically chubby drunks wearing affliction and dethrone t-shirts, pretending that they could throw a roundhouse kick like one of their heroes. dream on.

MMA: UFC-Sanchez vs Ellenberger

the t-shirts, the mean mugging, the hand signs, the obv drunk faces…oi vey.

sure, these gents should be euthanized and put out of our collective misery, but don’t let them ruin UFC for you. because mixed martial arts is still awesome.

if you look past the douchebag bullshit associated with the sport, you will find many fighters who are so talented, so natural in this arena, that watching them fight is equivalent to watching an especially gifted musician or dancer perform. for me, watching any of those things is a transcendent experience. i feel like i’m watching a human being channel something so much more powerful than themselves, like some incredibly beautiful force is simply flowing through them, and we laypeople are lucky enough to witness it. believe it or not, some people’s gift is to move so smoothly in the heat of a battle that they look like they’re doing tai chi or yoga but sped up like x50, and to beat the hell out of other humans with their bare hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. if you don’t believe me, watch the highlight video of anderson silva below. the man is an absolute wonder: high voice, friendly and kind demeanor, intelligent, a soft, lanky build…but flowing, majestic, powerful movements come from him, and people standing in front of him simply topple. it’s incredible to watch.

not every fighter is such an artist. most of them aren’t, but finding the gifted ones and watching them fight is well worth it. so don’t let the douchebags ruin it for you.


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