the incredibly disappointing fall of george stroumboulopoulos

wow, rough

i used to really like george stroumboulopoulos. i liked him when he was a vj on muchmusic simply because he was an advocate for metal. then i really liked his show, ‘the hour’, because it was largely a political show in which he did a fantastic job of explaining seemingly complex world events in simple, even humorous language that everyone could understand and enjoy. considering voter turnout in canada has been only 60% for the last several years, i thought ‘the hour’ was a fantastic attempt to educate some disillusioned youth and get them to care about what’s going on in canada and the rest of the world. the show also featured smart, relevant arts and entertainment stuff that was usually really cool. the show was both fun and thought-provoking.

then ‘the hour’ started focusing more and more on silly entertainment bullshit. the insightful political stuff evaporated, and eventually what was left was a canadian version of entertainment tonight. barf.

my pal matt made my photoshop dream a reality. thanks, buddy. george hart is easier to say anyway.

my pal matt made my photoshop dream a reality. thanks, buddy. george hart is easier to say anyway.

now, you might say, that may not be george’s fault. maybe the producers of the show forced him to change the format to increase ratings. but consider george’s next moves: he became the host of a stupid-ass american idol ripoff reality show called ‘the one: the making of a star’. the show bombed with low ratings and was cancelled after just four episodes.

then he tried to take his entertainment talk to show the US, calling it simply ‘stroumboulopoulos’ (since it’s such a catchy name). no one watched it and after 7 episodes, it was done.

so now he’s moved over toooooo…(drum roll)…hockey night in canada! wow, scintillating.

i just can’t understand it. how could a guy who made such a smart, fun, successful show suddenly go into such a steep career nosedive and spearhead this utterly trite shit?

i hope george takes a good hard look at both his career trajectory and his accomplishments as a human being, sees the grim trend, says holy fucking shit, what am i doing? and promptly drops his inane entertainment news update schtick in favour of doing more good in this godforsaken world.


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