“loud pipes save lives” is a lousy justification for penile compensation


flaming skulls should be reserved for 6-yr old boys. grown men who think this stuff is cool are dipshits.

have you ever seen the ‘loud pipes save lives’ credo on biker t-shirts or their bumper stickers? have you ever considered what a flawed, ridiculous statement it is? i mean, i have a brilliant idea to better save lives:

how about choosing a method of transportation that is not inherently extremely dangerous?

why should i have to suffer through deafening vehicle noise so that someone else can feel safe rocketing around at 100 km/h with nothing but a leather jacket and skull cap to protect them from the road, telephone poles, and other vehicles? if they have chosen to accept the inherent risks associated with that method of transportation, why should it suddenly be the general public’s responsibility to put up with an incredible racket that mitigates the biker’s risk? i don’t want to go deaf, especially not to help out someone who made the choice to take up a fucking dangerous hobby. that’s enabling someone’s poor choice. it’s like giving money to sky divers or fire breathers to help them do it just a little bit safer. no thanks.

find a safer ride if you're so fucking concerned.

find a safer ride if you’re so fucking concerned.

beyond that, the kind of dumbasses who think flaming skulls are cool are the kind of dumbasses who think deafening exhaust systems are cool too. for a lot of riders, it’s not about safety. it’s just a penis extension for them, a way to get some attention. it’s a compensation for their glaring feelings of inadequacy: “my god, i’m a stupid bastard with utterly pathetic genitals. at least this loud exhaust will impress the girls.” that’s what i imagine is going on in their subconscious, anyway. and i certainly don’t want to go deaf for the sake of some loser’s mommy issues.

grown men and women driving motorcycles around with the loudest exhaust possible is even worse than teenage kids driving around in lowered hondas, blasting bass at bowel-emptying volumes. at least those kids are just kids and have that as a half-assed excuse. adults should absolutely know better.


i’m sure he’s a good kid.


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