post-event syndrome

last night was halloween. it was fucking awesome. i won’t bother trying to describe the details because everyone knows what’s magical about halloween, and it would be hopeless to try to communicate what makes halloween in shawnigan so particularly special. anyway, last night was incredible, definitely one to remember.

and now it’s noon of the following day, and i feel the familiar sadness that follows a very special time. i mean, last night was so cool and memorable, and now we’re just back to regular daily life. the juxtaposition makes each one seem even more extreme in their respective highs and lows, like “ok, now that i’m done dancing the night away with awesome people dressed up as hot dogs and robin hood and tigers etc, i should get back to fixing the leak in the roof or stacking firewood.”

i often find this with special events. i’ve taken to calling it ‘post-event syndrome.’ i’ve noticed it for years and have talked to lots of other people about it. most seem able to relate, regardless of whether drinking or other imbibing occurs or not, so that leads me to believe it’s more based on the event than hangovers. there just seems to be a routine, predictable mild depression that follows great events. i think it’s just kind of hard to go back to normal life after a special event.

and that’s how i feel this november 1st early afternoon. but there’s also a sense of satisfaction because i had to have a great time to reach this point, so whatever. it’s fine.

now that i got this out of the way, time to go work on the car and try to catch a wild chicken. i guess that’s not such a bad day.


“work on the car,” aka kill myself


One thought on “post-event syndrome

  1. This is how I’ve felt on November 1st for as long as I can remember.

    Happy Halloween! Glad you guys had a good time — favourite costume of the Shawnigan crew?? I saw Jeff’s (horrifying) & Amanda’s (turned out fantastic!)…

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