‘septic’ is just a fancy word for ‘dump it on the ground’

i’m a relatively new home owner. we had our septic pumped last year and i learned a few important things about how septic systems work. i’m going to sum those things up here.

  1. all the drains from your sinks, showers, baths, and toilets go to the septic tank.
  2. solid stuff like shit stays in the septic tank and needs to be sucked out every few years.
  3. fluids like water, piss, draino, bleach, etc leave the tank and pass through a distribution box to the septic field, which is just a bunch of PVC pipes with holes in them to drain the fluid out into the dirt.

guess what that means. it means when you dump assloads of toxic shit like draino and bleach and other chemical cleaners down your drains, you may as well be dumping the shit right on your front lawn. because that’s exactly where it’s going.

oh it’s not THAT bad…

from there, all those chemical cleaners make their way through the dirt to underground streams, and eventually meet up with bodies of water. so all the shit you dump down your drains winds up in the dirt in your yard — right where your kids play or you grow vegetables — or it makes its way into the water table to turn into rain or drinking water or whatever.

acid rain, draino drinks. oh boy.

so do a favour for yourself, your kids, plants, animals — basically every living thing in the world — and avoid using that shit whenever possible. if you wouldn’t walk out and dump it in your yard straight out of the bottle, don’t dump it down the drain.


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