internet lingo, wtf

what are seeders? what are leechers? what are hashtags? what are trolls? what are memes? what is a blog?



this hip jackoff just coined a new internet term and made my life even more confusing and hellish than before. great.

i have to ask myself stupid, useless questions like this way too often just to keep up with the online world. and when i get the answer, it seems to me that we already have perfectly good, already existing words that would describe each of these things.

for instance, a blog is an online journal. what’s wrong with calling it that? why call it a blog? how many times did people have to ask their friend, “what the fuck is a blog?” before everyone caught on to the term? why make everyone go through that? who are the sadistic motherfuckers making life needlessly complex for us dumb schmucks that don’t keep our fingers on the pulse of the modern day?

i think a lot of young people feel like they’re creating something new or making something their own when they simply come up with a new name for an old thing. but they’re not. it’s the same old shit, just in an electronic format. i wish those clowns would lose their barely creative drive, call a spade a spade, and quit making up stupid words with unobvious meanings.


3 thoughts on “internet lingo, wtf

  1. The original word used for a blog was “Weblog”. It was shortened to blog more recently. You’re not even touching the surface with lingo. If you go into programming or any IT industry you will be flooded with thousands of new lingo words. It’s just part of the internet to adapt to changes or get left behind.

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