everything is offensive

i just saw this popular video on youtube. it’s nothing special but it’s cute. a man filmed his wife singing along with a song in the car without her knowing it. cute, fun, innocuous, right?

WRONG, it’s offensive! white people appropriating other cultures is awful and it happens all the time and white people need to LEAVE OTHER CULTURES ALONE! i learned this from the comments section under the video. i also learned that white people are stupid, black people are stupid, asian people are stupid, etc.

what about wearing a poppy on remembrance day to honour your grandfather who fought the nazis in the second world war, that’s still ok, isn’t it?

no it’s not ok! wearing a poppy means you’re a bigot and a warmonger! and not wearing a poppy means you don’t honour people who gave their lives for your very freedom, you hippie coward!


what about the new body count video, ‘talk shit get shot’? i watched it and thought it was really fucking funny.

OH WAIT, THEY ONLY SHOOT WHITE PEOPLE IN THE VIDEO. THAT’S OFFENSIVE!! THEY’RE PROMOTING VIOLENCE AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE!!! they should shoot people of all colours, ages, financial standings, sexual orientations, body types, blah blah blah.

what a fucking joke. everyone is starting fucking movements and petitions for the stupidest, most inane bullshit. i don’t give a shit about any of this stuff. wear a poppy, don’t wear a poppy, who cares. i’ll do what i believe in, you do what you believe in, and if we don’t see eye to eye then i guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. or else we can bitch about it in the comments section of youtube videos and online news articles and start online petitions, because those are surefire ways to affect positive changes in the world.

personally, i’m going to continue to watch body count and enjoy it regardless of what the peanut gallery thinks. as long as ernie c. shoots someone, i’m having a great time.


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