less talk, more action please.

often when i work out with someone else around or invite someone else to join me, they’ll just stand there watching or have some excuse for why they can’t join. then they’ll say, “i need to start working out.” the same thing happens with talking about money. “i need to start saving.” or eating. “i need to start eating healthy.”

but if people recognize they need to do all these things, why don’t they just fucking start already? who is stopping them?


“i’m starting tomorrow.”

they are. they obviously just don’t really care about whatever they “need” to do and will just keep doing what they want to, regardless of the consequences. and that’s just fine by me — people can do whatever they like. i just wish they wouldn’t kid themselves, and me. i’m tired of hearing the same old comments on the same old topics from the same old people who never seem to do the things they say they’re going to — just shut the fuck up about that stuff. shit or get off the pot, folks. or at least own up to your actions/inaction and say, “i don’t really care about all those things. i’m content with my life as it is.” i would respect that honesty and self-awareness.


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