every new hipster song has a chorus that goes “oooooh oooh oh oh ooooooooh ooooh”

i hate going to big stores. one reason is that they play the worst music. lately it’s all that phony laid back surfer vibe shit, like jack johnson, train, etc. i think they play it because it’s supposed to be the least objectionable stuff they can think of. well, i hate it.

bring earplugs

but you know what trend i noticed recently that is really pissing me off? it’s songs for hipsters that are sort of folk but are also really driving, like ‘folk that all the kids can shake their asses to.’ mumford and sons is the most obvious example of this i can think of. it’s just so fucking pretentious. it’s like a bunch of 20-yr old wienies who grow beards and wear vests and irish-looking caps and play banjos and feel like they’re suddenly older and worldly and wise. what a cruel fucking joke. nothing could be further from the truth.

what a perfect example of the stupid phony assholes i’m talking about. that one freak is even wearing the goddamned hat.

i think the part that irritates me the most is how the chorus of so many songs performed by these brain dead hacks is just a bunch of them all going whooooaaah oooaah ooohhh ooooooaaaahhhh. it’s not that i have a problem with singing non-words, not at all. my problem is that everyone is doing it right now, and i have no doubt that this is going to disappear as quickly as it showed up, just like the big band resurgence trend of the 90’s.


remember these assholes? do you care? of course you don’t. no one gives a fuck about the cherry poppin daddies anymore, just like they’re not going to give a shit about hipster folk bullshit next month.

of worthwhile note: i found the track below by searching for ‘hipster folk’ on youtube. after just a few vids, i found one with a whooooaaah oooaah ooohhh ooooooaaaahhhh chorus! my seething is thus justified.

another awful hipster music trend is to have a male and female lead sing the same vocal line in the chorus. i think it’s supposed to sound touching and romantic in an old world kind of way but it just sucks. what’s wrong with an interesting harmony, you lazy sluts? FUCK. these clowns do it in this song.

and another thing! bands ripping off 60’s culture! check this out, i like this song…but only because it sounds like it was recorded in the 60’s, the performers dress like it’s still the 60’s, and it sounds like it could be an authentic neil young b-side from back then. making this in 2014 is pathetic! get your own schtick, you hacks!

fuck all this garbage, die die die die die die die die die die die die die die


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