heavy metal top 5


fuck yeah

this is bloody tough to do but i think every true super elite metal nerd relishes this task: listing their top 5 metal albums and songs. i know i’ve probably done this several times even just in recent years, and i’m sure my list never changes much, but i still love revisiting it. basically the approach i use is this:

    • what albums have i listened to over and over yet continue to listen to over and over and still be awed by them?
    • do those albums have any real weak points? if so, how bad and how many?
    • do those albums touch me emotionally at some point? (sounds lame but it’s actually a good thing)

so without further ado, here are my top 5 metal albums of all time (in no particular order):

  1. amorphis – elegy
  2. type o negative – life is killing me
  3. megadeth – countdown to extinction
  4. akercocke – antichrist
  5. white zombie – la sexorcisto

fuck, that was tough. there are so many other contenders: metallica’s ‘and justice for all’, dream theater’s ‘awake’, dismember’s ‘indecent and obscene’, voivod’s ‘nothingface’, danzig’s ‘4’, morbid angel’s ‘covenant’, napalm death’s ‘utopia banished’, amorphis’s ‘tales from the thousand lakes’, neurosis’s ‘through silver in blood’, minstry’s ‘psalm 69’…FUCK, there’s too much awesome metal to whittle it down to just 5!! why do i do this to myself!!!

next, my top 5 metal songs of all time, again in no order. i find this one much, much harder.

  1. megadeth – ashes in your mouth
  2. amorphis – song of the troubled one
  3. renaissance – the death of art
  4. type o negative – an ode to locksmiths
  5. type o negative – paranoid (black sabbath cover)

fuuuccccckkkkkkk that was impossible and i totally feel like that list is lacking so much. but honestly, those are the songs that touch me the most when i hear them, that make me want to both bang my head and weep simultaneously. there were about 3 other type o songs and 2 other amorphis songs shortlisted.


3 thoughts on “heavy metal top 5

  1. i thought of renaissance for top 5 albums but it didn’t make the cut (the other 40 minute song on the album was nowhere near as strong) but thinking about it now, you’re right. i’d probably have to remove christian woman and give that to the death of art. edit to follow.

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