…and a happy festivus to all.

jenn and i hosted festivus a few nights ago and it was a fab time. saw many old friends, had lots of laughs, sang lots of karaoke, and had too much grape fanta and munchos.

munchos, or munchies to the uninitiated. bill knows what’s up.

for me, a hallmark of a great party is that i am never bored. like, while chatting with one friend, a song comes on that i want to sing or dance to so i rush off to do that, or another old face (in the good sense) walks through the door that i’m thrilled to see so i rush off to say hi, that sort of thing. when there is so much fun stuff going on that i have to buzz and flit around to try to grasp pieces of as much as i can, i know that it’s a good party.

there is a flip side to this coin, however. that flip side is that when it’s all over, i feel like i didn’t have enough time to really catch up with all the friends i don’t see often enough. what should really be a 2-hr one-on-one with an old friend is abbreviated to a 5-minute reader’s digest snippet and the next morning, i feel bummed about that. i mean, real friendships not only deserve but also require that kind of thing to keep them alive.

i know, that’s pathetic. “i didn’t have enough time at my party to chat with ALL of my friends, boo hoo.” how screamingly goth of me to bitch about great parties. but it’s true.

me on the morning after festivus. say, this gets me thinking we should do a goth-themed party sometime.

so, to all my friends who i only get a chance to speak briefly with at the parties we’ve had and will have, know that i hold you all more dearly than i can ever say. i am grateful as all hell to know so many fascinating, inspiring, hilarious, thoughtful, fun, lovely people. i frequently think about how i would be ok with dying at any given moment because i’ve had such a wonderful life so far, and our incredibly rich friend pool is probably the main reason i can make that sort of brazen proclamation.

it was another great festivus. goth love to all my friends.


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