steve ferrante is as lame as his motivational posters

just a short follow up on yesterdays mention of steve ferrante, whose “success is like a snowball” motivational poster i found and used here.

“Steve Ferrante is the GrandPooBah and Trainer of Champions of Sale Away LLC., providing “Pinnacle Performance” Sales, Customer Service and Winning Team Culture training, speaking and professional development services to success-driven organizations throughout North America.” aka, steve farrante is a phony cunt that speaks to wannabe phony cunts.

i looked him up and he’s the kind of guy i want nothing to do with. he’s got a trashy business look going on, his website is a piece of shit, his articles and posters are a joke, and he calls himself a “Winning Team Culture ​Trainer, Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Coach.” i will note that speaker and writer are the only words there that i don’t hate. the rest are pretentious, empty bullshit business buzz words that mean nothing yet they are the supposed products of someone who sells theoretical skills to poor stupid schlubs who think that motivational speakers actually impart some kind of wisdom or knowledge on them.

here’s his shitty site. i can’t believe that some people not only believe this shit but make it their fucking career.

i consistently find i’m a pretty good judge of character, even when i’m working from seemingly insignificant minutia: in this case, a motivational poster.


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