hole in the earth that leads to a sky below

on new years day, jenn and i took dodge for a walk through the quarry. when we came to the top lookout, this was the view we saw.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

the water was so still that it reflected the clouds and trees flawlessly. it made it look like the quarry was now a hole in the ground that led to more sky, and the reflected treetops were now the rough, craggy bottom of a floating island or something.

it took me a few seconds to make my eyes really see it like that, to force a state of suspended disbelief into my eyes and brain. i finally did it though, and it was awesome. seeing it the wrong way felt dreamlike in how it wasn’t possible but still appeared to be really happening. it was like seeing a scene from avatar in real life.

i don’t think the picture captures it as well as actually seeing it but it’s pretty close so i thought i’d share it and see if i can trip anyone else out.


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