never stop hanging out

today greg and dana came over in the morning to help us move a car tent frame. it only took a few minutes and we wound up hanging out on the driveway, just shooting the shit for a while. 20 minutes or something, i don’t know. but it was really nice, the four of us BSing, catching up and joking around in the morning sun.

i’ve had a bunch of similar nice hang outs over this fall and winter. one night between xmas and new years, i walked the train tracks to mason’s with dana and riley. we got some snacks, continued on to the gov’t wharf, hung out there for a bit, and walked the tracks back to my place. dana went home and ri and i played some street fighter 2 and jammed on some old OMNi tunes. it was super groovy because ri is rarely around these days, but what really struck me was how much it felt like ‘the good old days,’ like ’98-ish when ri and i first started hanging out with dana. we were always out walking and yakking and goofing around till super late back then.

the fact that the night with dana and ri was so similar to and still felt as good as it used to 16 years ago got me thinking: as long as we still have great friends we can yak with and the time to walk to mason’s with them, it will always be awesome. i want to remember that, i want to continue to indulge in these same old simple pleasures that are just as good now as they were then. i want to make more time for important stuff like old-fashioned hanging-out-for-the-sake-of-hanging-out and walking the train tracks to get corn dogs or mr. freeze’s.

basically: hanging out with good friends is awesome. never stop hanging out.

i can’t wait to hang out with my friends more!


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