drunk dana and west end girls

first thing: my good buddy dana can hold his alcohol incredibly well. of the countless times i have seen him pissed as a newt, he has never appeared anything but sober. he doesn’t slur, he doesn’t get hornier than usual, he doesn’t stumble around, he doesn’t get aggressive or depressed, he doesn’t puke, etc. he just seems like same old dana. the only way i know when he’s fucked up is when he tells me so: “man, i’m super fucked up right now,” he’ll say perfectly clearly while walking a straight line and touching alternate hands to his nose. it’s nice. it makes him a unique and welcomed friend to hang out with at parties.

next thing: i fucking love the song ‘west end girls’ by the pet shop boys. i’m not a fan of theirs, i don’t think i even know any of their other songs, but since i heard gen and liz (or kristina? i don’t remember) perform it at a black swan karaoke night a year or two ago, i’ve been nuts for it. there is something so dark and lonely, even claustrophobic about the song. it sounds like some kind of film noir with shifty, dangerous people hiding in shadows, but with no hint of irony. i find the song genuinely menacing. that’s awesome.

how these things are related: near the end of festivus, probably around 4 am on december 24, i decided to do west end girls on karaoke. dana was there so i asked him to join me. he said he didn’t really know the song and was wasted but he gave it a go anyway. we weren’t great by any means but it was a lot of fun. afterward, i remarked to dana how i liked the song. he commented that he really liked it too, that it had a sinister, cold war era vibe which was haunting. i was amazed because the linking of the cold war to that song was perfect — ‘west end girls’ absolutely drips with cold war paranoia and fear, yet despite much thought, i had never made that connection. and dana noticed this while he was self-admittedly super fucked up! i think that’s incredible. it’s one of the most perceptive drunken observations i’ve ever heard in my life. he captured exactly what i’ve wanted to say about the song for the last few years. i’m still floored.

so this goes out to dana. also, i want to note that dana’s karaoke of bob dylan’s ‘must be santa’ was a runner-up for best karaoke of the night, with julia’s ‘private dancer’ as the reigning karaoke champ. every one of lindy’s performances gets an honourable mention too, they were fantastic.


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