keep calm and FUCK OFF

i’m so fucking tired of seeing myriad variations of ‘keep calm and…’ posters, stickers, shirts, etc. like my pal bill said a while back, it wasn’t funny to start with and now the schtick is two years old and hipsters are STILL beating it to death. just today i saw a car with a massive ‘keep calm and chive on’ sticker in its back window. haha, it was hilarious!! i really had a good belly laugh over that one!! and now i know that that person also likes the same website as me!! how cool is that??!!

get a grip, FUCK. just based on that goddamned thing, i will never check out the chive. i hate it already. i’m just going to keep checking my old hotmail account, reading heavy metal news on, and helping out other 4wd tercel fanatics on the tercel forum. i’m never going to check out any other website every again, even this one. fuck wordpress, it’s for hipsters too.

before i go though, i came up with my own super funny ‘keep calm and…’ poster and i’d love to share it with you!! here it is!!!!


hipsters and posers, die. fuck you. quit wearing ironic beards and ill-fitting plaid shirts and jeans with rolled up cuffs. quit trying to look like romanticized versions of your parents. get some exercise and lose the guts, you greaseballs. and stop making these dumbass posters.


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