jon jones is a hypochristian

i’m unimpressed by people who claim to be christians yet act like rowdy dumbasses. either these people have a very liberal interpretation of what christianity means to them, or they’re just straight up fucking hypocrites.

i recently got annoyed with this when reading about UFC fighter jon jones.

“i kick ass for christ.”

i have no problem with the fact he’s a professional fighter. i mean, it’s a sport. saying christians can’t fight would be like saying christians can’t play soccer or ping pong or lawn bowling. besides that, he’s a fucking phenomenal fighter, one of the best ever. i LOVE watching him fight. my problem is that he has been busted for DUI’s, cocaine use, and getting into fights when he’s not in the cage. that doesn’t sound like a christian to me. that sounds like a douchebag. i fucking hate DUI’s. no excuse for it, ever, especially from someone who wants to model themselves after the selflessness of their lord, the mighty JC.

now the cocaine part, i actually don’t have a problem with on its own. i have zero problems with any drugs. drugs aren’t bad. and if anyone has a problem with any drugs, they should also have the same problem with alcohol because it’s even more rampant and does more damage than any other drug out there. i see the results of it at work constantly. but that’s another rant altogether — my point here is that jones’ cocaine use on its own wouldn’t bother me or make me think of him as less christian because doing coke wouldn’t be harming anyone else. he could do coke and still be a kind, considerate human being. but when i pair it with his other negative behaviours of late, when i imagine jon doing coke and then DUI-ing or doing coke and then getting in a fist fight at a UFC promotional event, it paints a larger picture of him becoming an out-of-control raging douchebag. so that’s how the cocaine part ties in here as something i’m not keen on.

back on track: my idea of a true christian is someone who strives to be kind, considerate, understanding, compassionate — someone who does unto others as they would have done unto them. so when someone is doing shit like driving drunk and getting into brawls, they’re not being kind or compassionate or whatever anymore. sure, they can say “i’m only human, i make mistakes. i have repented. only god can judge me.” but fuck that. that’s a cop out. mistakes happen occasionally but when they happen habitually, they’re no longer mistakes. they’re just lousy fucking choices made by a weak person. the reality is: people who continually make shitty choices are just not trying hard enough to be the person they like to imagine they are.

jon jones and every other asshole christian out there needs to either change their life and start living up to the shit they like to preach, or just call a spade a spade and say, “hey, you know what, i’m not really a christian. i’m just a fucking asshole, and i can admit that.”


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