the impossible goodness of taylor swift

i like taylor swift.

i don’t LIKE like her, i mean she’s not too hard to look at but no, i don’t mean it like that

i’m not a #1 fan or anything but i really like a few of her songs. i’m also really pleased that she has managed to become a huge star yet not morph into a twisted, deformed version of herself like 99% of other people immersed in hollywood star culture. i’m thinking of fallen stars like britney spears, lindsay lohan, edward furlong, and even miley cyrus. swift still comes off as a nice, good person writing songs about things she really cares about. she hasn’t succumbed to that ‘you think i’m so sweet and innocent BUT I’VE GOT A DARK SIDE’-thing that every fucking young artist seems to pull. she’s just wonderfully straight forward and nice, and it’s incredible how infectious that vibe is. jenn showed me this clip earlier today of a police officer caught singing and dancing in his squad car to ‘shake it off.’

that clip is like something out of a disney movie, it’s so silly and fun. but it’s not a disney movie, it’s real life. swift and her music actually make a lot of people feel that good. it’s amazing.

to me, the level by which she has taken the world by chipper, positive storm makes her into some kind of super hero of goodness.

but it can’t last.

it would be unrealistic to believe it could. some day soon, her penchant for marijauna will be exposed, or candid footage of her freaking out on a fan who gets too close to her at the airport will surface, or an ex will press charges because swift did things to them she wouldn’t do in front of big ears teddy. why? because she’s human. she’s flawed, like every one of us, but unlike us she is under the constant scrutiny of the public eye so when she gets caught, the world will know about it and it will be a BIG FUCKING DEAL. i mean, who cares when i tell some random dude to go fuck himself? no one, that’s who. but if taylor swift did it, you know it would be front page news. so i’m pre-bummed for the inevitable media backlash that is already on its way. i hate seeing stars get scrutinized for shit the rest of us get away with, and swift seems so legitimately nice and undeserving of that sort of treatment that it makes it even worse.

that’s taylor on the right in about 2 years. the person on the left cut her off.

there’s something else i was thinking about that’s related to this. that video of the cop singing along to ‘shake it off’ has probably already earned him a whole lot of grief at work. he’s probably got all kinds of uptight, homophobic co-workers saying, “jesus christ ernie, what are you, some kind of faggot? i saw you looking like a goddamned fruit loop on the internet last week.” and it’s tragic that this song meant to help people liberate themselves from that kind of bullshit will probably lead to stuff like that poor bastard cop eventually committing suicide. but that’s life. all the nice and good things in this world are vastly outnumbered by the wolves and motherfuckers.

well, at least for one afternoon in his otherwise surely miserable life, that cop felt so good he had to sing and dance about it. maybe they can play ‘shake it off’ at his funeral next month.

shake this off


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