what i’m listening to RIGHT NOW

i still listen to CDs, mainly because i am a lover of music and have acquired a lot of CDs that i still really dig. i listen to stuff on itunes and youtube and put mp3s on a flash drive to listen to in my car but there will probably always be a place in my life for my CD and vinyl collections, regardless of great technological advances.

with that in mind, i want to post what albums i have been listening to lately, what is currently stacked up by the CD player. those albums are as follows.

  • neurosis – through silver in blood
  • rollins band – the end of silence
  • celtic frost – monotheist
  • skinny puppy – too dark park
  • enslaved – below the lights
  • morbid angel – blessed are the sick
  • opeth – morningrise
  • devin townsend – terria
  • david bowie – earthling

when i look at this list, i’m proud. i listen to awesome music.


One thought on “what i’m listening to RIGHT NOW

  1. I have most of these albums, and all except Rollins Band and Opeth are because I took your music advice. Even the bands you recommended to me years ago I’m finally coming around to enjoying. You really DO listen to awesome music, David!

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