some people are just full of shit

i know a few people who are pure, unadulterated liars. they are so fucked up, i think they might even believe their own bullshit.

“this tastes great!”

for example, one guy i know had a giant diesel pickup truck with duelly tires. i’m talking about a beast of a vehicle, and the guy was commuting to work in it almost 150 km each day. last year, he said “oh yeah, these diesels are awesome on fuel, it’s getting great mileage, it’s perfect for commuting.” common sense told me otherwise so i looked his truck up on to see what mileage other people average and surprise, it was about 8 km/L, or 18-19 mpg. that’s shitty, and must have cost the fool a fortune in fuel over the months he commuted with it.

then he swung to the opposite end of the spectrum and got a little geo metro. when i saw it, he said to me “oh yeah, driving the big dodge truck to work every day was killing me in fuel costs so i got this little thing and it’s amazing, gets 50 mpg no problem.” i was already familiar with metros and knew he was exaggerating a little but what really stuck out to me was how his truck went from being a gas miser, perfect for commuting, to a gas hog.

now he just got a PT cruiser, and what did he say to me? he said “oh yeah, this thing’s great, and you know what? it gets even better mileage than the metro did.”

bull fucking shit.

i looked both cars up on fuelly and the average for metro’s is about 18 km/L while pt cruiser’s average 9.5 km/L — almost half of what metro’s get. to say his pt cruiser gets better mileage than his old metro is absolutely fucking delusional, just like claiming that a 1-ton truck is perfect for commuting.

now you’re probably thinking, gee whiz, david sure is anal about fuel economy. but that’s not what this is about. these small, seemingly insignificant details are symptoms of a bigger issue: does this guy know that he’s a chronic, habitual liar? what does he really believe? does he lie like this to himself, to his wife, to his family? basically, can anyone trust him? i don’t think so.

people like this don’t just lie about the fuel economy of their vehicles. they lie to their spouse and cheat on them. they lie about co-workers to their bosses. they lie to their supposed friends about being super tight and then stab them in the back. they lie to absolutely everyone, even themselves, so no, i don’t think you can trust them at all. they are basically faceless, soulless succubi, searching for countless hosts to believe the lies and bullshit and thus enable and encourage further lies and bullshit.

so i do my best to have absolutely nothing to do with these people. i try to recognize the red flags early on — like ridiculous lies about the fuel economy of their various vehicles — and run the other way when i see them coming. i think letting them anywhere near you is just asking for grief.


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