more low expectations

i just met a new massage therapist. right away, i hated her. she was silly and comical in her demeanor, saying stuff like “OH my GOD, i absolutely LOOOOOVE that, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT,” in sing-song tones and with exaggerated facial expressions. i thought, oh boy, this is going to be tough to stomach for a whole hour. but i wasn’t rude to her or anything like that. i just talked to her like i do anyone else, with much criticism and derision. just kidding. i asked her about who she was and learned a bit about her and by the end of the hour, i didn’t mind her at all. i’m actually really looking forward to my next treatment by her. that’s quite an about face from my initial reaction, and i’m happy for it.

i’ve run into this a lot lately so i’ve been giving it lots of thought. i’ve obviously touched on it here a few times, the idea of approaching life with incredibly low expectations so that when things don’t terminally suck, i’m pleasantly surprised. it’s actually a paradoxical way of staying positive, which i think is pretty stupid and funny but also absolutely true and real.

the thing is, i’m smiling on the inside.

a few years ago, i took some stupid quiz from cosmo magazine with jenn and our pal, steph. it was about how happy or content we were. i got the best score. jenn and steph laughed at how ridiculous that was because i was obviously NOT the happiest or most content of the three of us. how could i be when i bitch and complain so much?

A: i am so happy and content because i bitch and complain so much.


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