a horrible noise

as time goes on, i find myself enjoying music that is increasingly less melodic and more discordant, displeasing, unmusical. i’m not sure why. it’s taken a while to grow on me, for sure, but it has. i mean, when a friend first recommended the album ‘obscura’ by the band gorguts a few years ago, i was shocked.

i was really impressed that this chaos was actually written by someone, and then performed by musicians who had obviously practiced it — the point is, it’s not just random junk. it’s carefully crafted and entirely intentional. but i couldn’t listen to it, it made me feel like i had a headache even though i didn’t. it made me irritable and want to lie down. despite these things, a large part of me enjoyed what i was hearing. so i got into gorguts one song at a time and before i knew it, i was a huge fan of theirs.

the same thing happened with this ‘G major’ version of miley cyrus’ ‘wrecking ball.’

i had the same terribly unpleasant initial reaction, but i also couldn’t stop laughing at how perfectly horrible it was. it sounds the way that my nightmares feel, like worlds crumbling under the forces of chaos and disorder. like the sonic equivalent of a hellish hieronymus bosch painting.

just like gorguts, i kept coming back to wrecking ball in G major, and also like gorguts, it grew on me quickly. after a few days, i was in love with this godawful racket and had it stuck in my head all the time. an interesting aside here is that i had never heard the original version of wrecking ball until long after i was well acquainted with the G major version of it, and have loathed the original since then. it’s insipid and the video is tawdry.

now i’ve just gotten into the second album by the british band, voices. it’s a concept album about a delusional nut wandering the streets of london, suicidal and violent and in love with a prostitute named megan. while it’s not quite as grating musically as gorguts or the G major stuff, it’s far more difficult to stomach on a personal level. the content is painful and twisted yet feels deeply intimate, making it a very uncomfortable listen. when i hear it, i feel like i’m reading someone’s diary, discovering their most hideous, shameful secrets. like i’m prying into something not meant for public consumption.

obviously, that is something i need to share with the world.



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