i’m sick of private used car ads that give no quantifiable information about the fuel economy of a vehicle. i was just looking at ads and one said “gets great mileage, $40 will get you about 500 kms.” wtf does that mean? $40 at today’s gas prices, or our usual gas prices? because there’s a 30% difference between them, which means if it costs you $40 to fill your tank right now, it will cost you $52 to fill it when gas prices go back up next week. over the course of a year, that would mean a difference of $624 in gas costs. that’s a big deal!

i’ve also seen ads for VW jettas that only say “1100 km per tank.” WELL HOW MUCH FUCKING GAS DOES THE TANK HOLD? if it’s a 60 liter tank, that works out to over 18 km/L so that’s great, but if it’s a 100 liter tank, that’s only 11 km/L, which isn’t great. so without knowing how big the tank is, “1100 km per tank” is a thoroughly useless piece of information. on top of that, i fucking hate working on their cars so VW, their cars, and their shitty misleading ads can all get fucked.

Volkswagen AD Claims

“gets abstract fuel economy. see fine print for confusing explanation.”

the person who wrote the first ad i just complained about doesn’t need to get fucked. they probably just aren’t savvy about money and fuel economy. i’m sure they’re probably a very nice person who just wrote something dumb in their car ad. sure is annoying though.


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