all accesories, no exercise

i don’t know how many times i’ve seen grossly out-of-shape people covered in shiny brand new work out clothes and shoes, drinking water from nalgene bottles, yet not even breaking a sweat. they’re delusional. you don’t need these

or this

or all of these

just to get some fucking exercise. do you know what you need to get fit?

  1. willpower

that’s it. you don’t need all those gimmicks or a home gym or a membership to a gym that’s 30 minutes away. you need the drive to actually want to get fit and stay fit, and then you can do it without any of that other shit. you can do yoga at home following lessons on youtube. you can buy a used set of weights for next to nothing on craigslist. you can run or bike in nearby parks or even on streets. do tricep dips off your kitchen chairs, do sit ups on the rug, do push ups, do planks, do side planks, whatever. there is so much stuff you can do at home with no special equipment. it may not look as new and flashy as that cute lululemon outfit you want but it’s cheap or even free and you will actually get fit.

i think buying accessories is just an easy step towards working out that makes most people feel like they’ve made some kind of commitment to healthy living even though they haven’t actually started doing anything yet. i mean, you can buy all the expensive water bottles in the world but it won’t do shit for you until you start fucking moving. but i think that most people can’t be bothered with that. they just like to think about how stylish they’ll look in a black and pink outfit with a matching pink ipod and headphones and matching pink water bottle — because it’s really important to stay hydrated when you’re exercising. that’s another thing i hate, people calling drinking water ‘staying hydrated.’ fuck off. that’s stupid. you won’t get dehydrated from power walking around the block so leave that fucking thing at home.

personally, i like to work out alone, in the dark, no music, and with some basic shit — some free weights, a yoga ball, a mat for my bony back, maybe a chin up bar. that’s it. i got all of that shit used, for free or cheap. but that’s only half of my secret to exercising. do you know what the other half is?

A: actually using that shit.


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