religious aid work would be a lot better if it wasn’t religious

i think it’s great when selfless people visit 3rd world countries to do aid work. what’s shitty is when those people take advantage of their situation and say, “oh by the way, have you heard about the miracle of jesus christ?” then it’s not selfless at all, it’s opportunistic and fucked up.

think about it. imagine you’re starving and relatively uneducated in a virtual desert. life is fucking rough. then some cheery-faced europeans show up and set up water faucets and help you build some schools. your life just got exponentially better because of these kind, generous souls. then they start dropping all the jesus bullshit on you — you might be so grateful for what these people have done that you eagerly say “sign me up.” even if you’re not keen on the water-walking son of god, you might feel obligated to humour these pricks because of all the supposedly selfless things they have just done for you and your family and friends. you’ve either been spiritually hit up while emotionally vulnerable or put in a shitty position by the pricks. that’s bullshit.

i would have a hard time arguing with her even if i wasn’t impoverished.

really, anyone doing aid work who even mentions their personal religion to the same folks they’re helping is taking advantage of those people. it’s the ultimate in passive-aggressive behaviour. i mean, if people want to help others, they should do it just for the sake of helping others and not some ulterior motive like religious recruitment. i wouldn’t offer to help my neighbour dig a ditch, get halfway through the job and then casually bring up the topic of how much i would pay someone for digging a ditch, and guilt trip my neighbour into throwing some money at me. that would be fucking classless, even for me. and i certainly wouldn’t accept any money since i was supposed to be doing the damn thing as a favour — accepting money for my favour means it’s not a favour anymore. it means i just duped my neighbour and made them hire me when they thought i was just helping out because i’m a nice guy. that’s even more classless. but that’s what i think religious folks do when they start talking religion to the disadvantaged people they’re helping out. it’s really low.

“hey, always happy to help! say, can i interest you in my god?”


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