new fracture

i make enough money to do all the things i want to do, like trips and concerts and vacations and owning a house and making investments for when i’m old. so why would i change my career to make more money i don’t need or improve my status while increasing my stress and decreasing my freedom and flexibility to do the fun things i enjoy?

i wouldn’t. sometimes people suggest i should but i’m not sure why they think that. i’ll have to ask one of them next time it comes up. as it stands, i think those people are out of their fucking minds. that would be a twisted set of priorities to give up things i value greatly for something i don’t need or want.

i bet the drive to needlessly make more money at the expense of true happiness is a primary cause and/or symptom of people being truly and deeply fucked up.

i know who i am. i’m proud of that. i hope most other people in the world know themselves too, and can use that knowledge to make choices that make themselves happy.

that’s me, basically.


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