ugly old acquaintances

i just went to the grocery store to pick up some butter and ice cream. i ran into several people i went to high school and junior high with. it was weird. two of them have aged really poorly and look like shit. they weren’t 10/10’s to start with but they’ve gotten even worse. it looks like they’ve been doing some hard living. i felt bad for them because for people like that, their physical beauty evaporates at the exact same rate as their youth — youth was the only thing they had going for them (physically speaking, obv) and now it’s gone and they’re left with its pale, scabby, dirty, overweight husk. i don’t consider myself a trophy or anything but i think you could do a lot worse than i have.

i think i’m doing alright, all things considered.

the other person i saw tonight was a total nine inch nails/trent reznor-ish “i fucking hate everyone” generation x-er back in junior high. i was in grade 8 and he was in grade 9 so i automatically thought he was pretty cool, plus he had really long hair, plus he didn’t talk much and primarily just sneered at people, plus he had a harem of gen x girls who were the only people he hung out with — his appeal should be apparent. that guy really intrigued the hell out of me back then. well, i think i just saw him at the store with short hair, dressed nicely, with his kid, and surprise surprise, he looked 100% well adjusted and normal now.

what a fucking disappointment.


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