i don’t care, zingano is still my fave.

i just watched ufc 184, and cat zingano’s heartbreaking loss in just 14 seconds to the women’s bantamweight champion, ronda rousey. now i feel terrible.

good for rousey, as dominant as always, but i’m left feeling awful for zingano.

i love underdogs. i have a real soft spot for them, and zingano was a huge underdog coming into this fight. i mean, she has some powerful, vicious striking, but rousey is so fast, so precise, so powerful, and has a flawless ground game. so i knew it was unlikely zingano would win but i’ve enjoyed her fights so much, as well as her personal story, that i really had my fingers crossed for her. i was nervous as all hell when the fight started.

zingano came out super aggressive right away, threw a knee that missed, and threw rousey down. rousey reversed the position on the ground, secured a crazy armbar, and submitted zingano. that was that. after all the hype and crazy training that zingano put into this fight, it was over in 14 seconds. i can imagine how devastating that would be.

then on top of it, joe rogan — who i normally like a lot — kept hounding zingano for “what was going through her mind” in the post fight interview. wtf do you think, joe? she’s god damn disappointed. she’s heartbroken, crestfallen. give her a fucking break. and joe knows this, i’ve watched him talk about how hard it is for fighters to lose in the first place. when they lose, there’s no team to spread the blame around with. the loss belongs solely to the fighter. and they are forced to publicly acknowledge that they were wrong to believe they would win, that this other person is better than them at this primal, base competition of one-on-one hand-to-hand combat. that’s a fucking tough pill to swallow so why shove a fucking microphone in their face right then and ask what’s going through their mind? give them some fucking time to process the loss, for god’s sake.

i just want to hug zingano and tell her that she’s still my fave in the woman’s division.

still a huge cat fan. don’t let this loss get you down, cat.


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