why do stars date stars?

i don’t get it. i think most stars must realize how warped they are due to their status, like “i can’t go to the grocery store and have normal, transient interactions with other people because i’m a huge celebrity and would get mobbed. that must have a considerable effect on my social skills and how i view myself.” i can’t imagine how a star couldn’t realize that.

considering that, i think if i were a star who was aware that i was going to end up a little stunted, i would want to ground myself with lots of non-star people in my life. people who would keep me in touch with reality so that i wouldn’t go asking police “do you know my name? you’re about to find out who i am. you’re going to be on national news.” (that’s a reese witherspoon quote from when she had a run-in with police over disorderly conduct.)

give her a few drinks and even sweet little reese witherspoon can let loose her inner entitled brat. i guess deep down, she thinks it’s ok for her husband to DUI. sounds perfectly reasonable. i mean, she was in ‘legally blonde.’ who can argue with that?

i think the argument could be made that stars might need star spouses so that they always have someone who can relate to their special situations and struggles…but i don’t buy it. i think that’s like saying addicts should marry other addicts for the same reason. it’s just a bad idea. two people with the same problem are more likely to end up indulging each other, enabling and reinforcing the negative behaviours. i think stars would be better off with someone who does not have the same baggage, someone who would remind the star of what it’s like to be normal, to not be entitled, to not expect special treatment.

which kind of leads me to another point. i think it’s a good thing when couples have totally different baggage. for instance, say a person is always up for doing cool fun stuff but at the cost of putting serious priorities aside, while their partner is good at taking care of serious priorities but not very good at being spontaneous and social. i think there’s a good chance these qualities could balance each other out, and each person could learn a lot from the other; that both could become more well-rounded individuals eventually, as long as both partners are willing to admit their weaknesses and work to improve them.

look at me, i’m a fucking marriage counselor now.


2 thoughts on “why do stars date stars?

  1. Your “addicts getting married” analogy only works when stars marrying one another is viewed as a bad thing. You view it as bad, because you believe it only serves to further detach them from the reality of life as a non-celebrity. But where is the benefit, in their shoes, of marrying a non-celebrity just for the sake of having a more accurate perspective on daily lives of people who aren’t famous? Why do they care? Both situations have their benefits, and dating people of similar socioeconomic status isn’t behaviour unique to celebrities.

    There are plenty of self-important morons that aren’t famous and behave just like Reese Witherspoon, particularly after a couple drinks. They’re just not in the spotlight.

    1. you’re right that it’s all about perspective and values, and my thoughts here are based on my personal perspectives and values. i don’t expect a star to read this and go “he’s right! time to divorce my celebrity wife and meet a pleeb.” everyone just has to do what they believe is right and hope for the best. meanwhile, i will continue to rant and rave about why i think everyone besides me is totally insane.

      i partially disagree with your last point. yes, there are definitely lots of non-star, self-important morons who are doing stupid shit. however, i don’t think most of them are at the level that huge stars are. through my job, i’ve dealt with countless drunks and while many of them have been assholes, i’ve yet to hear anyone say “don’t you know who i am? don’t you realize the power i wield?” to me, that kind of statement betrays a deep-seated power complex that you just don’t encounter with your average middle class john/jane doe. i’m sure the same potential is there but without being coddled by the world like celebrities are, that potential is rarely realized.

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