“i don’t care about you — fuck you!!!”

i’m listening to guns n’ roses ‘spaghetti incident’ album for the first time in my life right now. some of it is throwaway stuff but some of it is awesome. their cover of ‘i don’t care about you’ is particularly inspired, but ‘since i don’t have you’ and ‘new rose’ both really impressed me too.

but you know what, my favourite g n’ r track has always been ‘my world,’ and probably always will be. this is a desperately unpopular choice, as every g n’ r fan i know has been incredulous at this statement and all the comments on the youtube video are basically “this sucks,” but i think it’s the band’s most violent, dangerous, sexual, deranged, interesting tune.

i don’t care if it’s just axl with a synth and drum machine. this song speaks to me more than any other guns n’ roses tune. it sounds like a man who is fearlessly acknowledging — even reveling in — the deepest recesses of his twisted, disease-ridden, drug-addled mind. it’s fucked up, and i love that. my fave moment is when axl whispers, “guess what i’m doing now,” because i can only imagine the twisted, sadistic shit he’s so vaguely suggesting. this song disturbs me in the way that all those gore porn (aka ‘gorn’) films (like ‘slow torture puke chamber,’ which sounds way better than it is) promise to but never actually do.

this is a portrait of a truly fucked up man, and i appreciate that.


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