dreaming of getting the led out

last night i dreamed that i was jamming on led zeppelin’s ‘the battle of evermore’ with some folks. it was awesome.

i’ve been thinking about LZ a lot lately. i think they might be the single most important rock band in the history of the world. i know, every fucking classic rock radio station says that, so does every guitar magazine, so does every hippie rocker burnout, etc. everyone says it. but they’re all sucking LZ’s dick in various forms of idol worship, it’s all hollow and meaningless. the people that usually say that kind of shit are usually loser fanboys who would pay for photographs of jimmy page’s turds or soulless rock journalists who are just writing whatever they think the loser fanboys who buy the magazines will want to read to reaffirm their feelings. when i say it, i mean it: led zeppelin fucking rules.

i don’t think LZ ever made a bad album. each one is unique, powerful, honest, imaginative, daring, and rollicking, but those qualities reveal themselves in different ways on each album, on each song. they constantly reinvented themselves. even though they were huge almost from their very start, they never got complacent. when they made stuff, they did it because they believed in it. you might think their lord of the rings-ish stuff is corny, that their cocky rock swagger stuff is laughable, that their blues stuff is, well, boring blues stuff, and i would even agree to some extent. but what makes it amazing is that they meant all of it, they were totally unapologetic. they made shit they loved, regardless of how crazy or inconsistent it might seem, and that love of their art bled into the art to make even the corniest, silliest stuff completely legit. and they did it across a vast array of musical styles, giving their albums brilliant depth and variation. i don’t think there is another band out there that has achieved the same scope, the same consistent quality, and the same integrity that LZ has.

i didn’t grow up listening to a lot of LZ so it doesn’t hold much nostalgia or comfort value for me like a lot of death metal does. that means i don’t listen to it as much as a lot of other stuff but when i do throw some zeppelin on, i love the hell out of it and appreciate it on a lot of levels. it’s fantastic stuff.

long live zep.


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