oh god, i want to cry

i love a great piece of art, especially one seemingly wrought from a tortured soul purging itself. today i saw the video for voices’ ‘last train victoria line’ and was blown away. which is kind of funny because not much happens in the video, but there are a lot of details that really stick with me. one thing that surprised me is how great a job the blonde woman does of being trashy-hot, and lip-syncing along with the chorus. when that started, i thought “oh god, this is corny and kind of gross to imagine her with that man’s voice,” but her performance was bang on with the vocals, both in terms of timing and delivery — it actually looks like she could be singing/screaming those parts. and the pigeons, the masked pointing man, how he crumples when she offers her hand to him, how she then wears the mask, how she fades away…it’s all perfect. it’s so tremendously sad to think of whoever wrote the song and video, to think of where that inspiration came from, to think of the deep personal turmoil they are giving voice to. and it’s weird that such profound darkness, confusion, and grief can create something equally awful yet be beautiful on some level to the viewer. maybe the beauty is in the fearless honesty of a heart-breaking story being told by a damaged human.

i don’t think anyone else will be as moved as i am by this but fuck it, watch it anyway. the screams are awesome and the chick is sexy.


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