i don’t give a shit about my tv

when did every average joe blow jack off become a tv snob? i can’t believe how expensive brand new 300″ slim flat screen LED HD tv’s are, and i really can’t believe that anyone is buying them. i can’t help but wonder

  • who has a room long enough so they can sit far enough back that they don’t strain their neck or have to turn their head to look at each character?
  • who has $1500 burning a hole in their pocket to blow on a tv, or
  • who is willing to go into debt and make MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR A TV?
  • who can really tell the difference between all the fancy HD and bluray shit from any other old tv, and
  • who really cares?

if you have a small room, there is NO POINT IN PUTTING A BIG FUCKING TV IN IT

i personally couldn’t give a flying dick twist about how fancy my tv picture is. i still like watching VHS videos. it’s like listening to vinyl — it’s imperfect but it adds depth and warmth to it. but i don’t think most tv snobs would notice that kind of thing because a lot of the same dickheads who insist on having a giant HD tv with all the bells and whistles will then stretch the picture to fit the giant screen, like this.

great, i just made a stupid show even worse

stretching the picture to fit the screen distorts the picture. now everything is twice as wide — it looks like shit. my thrift store tv looks better than this. you just spent thousands of dollars you don’t have in order to achieve the best possible quality of tv picture, and then you go and defeat the purpose by wrecking the picture, just because you want it to look bigger. that’s really stupid.



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