well, i never!

i’m so incensed right now. a few days ago, i bitched about a muffin recipe that really bugged the hell out of me. most of it was just little stuff, dumb things that irk me, but one of my complaints was that the author claimed the muffins were refined sugar-free, soy-free, and oil-free, when they aren’t. one of the main ingredients in the muffins is JIF or skippy peanut butter, both of which contain refined sugar, soybean oil, and even more oil. HELLO CAPTAIN MISINFORMATION.

100% shit

so i made a comment on the recipe page mentioning this and wondered if ms. ‘averie cooks’ had responded to it like she did with every other asinine comment anyone has ever made on her blog. nope, she didn’t, because she deleted my comment.

i guess it’s easier for her to continue living in her valium-induced haze of bored housewife delusions where her recipes are just god damned fine as is than to edit her incorrect claims.

maybe i should find someone anaphylactic to soy, feed them one of miss averie’s muffins, and then sue the pants off of her when i wind up killing my good friend.


“you killed him, averie! you did this! you and your god damned muffins!”


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